Are you on social media?

Yes, I am @hollybellmummy on instagram where I mainly post pictures of the cat and food. 

How old are you?


Who did the illustration on your home page?

Fiona Gibson who I found on Instagram. She draws writers desks and was kind enough to draw mine. I feel like I know Fiona despite never having met her. She was the Beauty Editor of the adored magazine Just Seventeen and then went onto be Editor of More magazine. (Position of the Fortnight, anyone?)

Do you still write recipes?

I do. Lots. But mainly for brands where the recipe developer's name isn't published. I also occasionally write for newspapers too. 

I saw someone on shopping TV who looks like your sister, is she?

No, it's me! I am often on High Street TV and sometimes on QVC. 

Can I quote your writing?

You are welcome to quote as long as you attribute and link back to here where possible. For recipes, if you want to use a photo of the recipe you must seek permission from the photographer. 

Do you give interviews?

Absolutely. You can get in touch with me by emailing hollybellbooks at gmail dot com. 

Do you write guest posts on blogs?

If they're paid I do. I don't work for free.